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A wedding is one of the most anticipated events for couples in love and their families. So much of the emotion experienced in the wedding planning phase relates to the personal values and style that couples and families wish to articulate. Weddings have evolved into highly personalized events that include specifically curated ideas for every aspect of the Big Day.

These highly personalized events require research, confirming availability and refining options. This can take a significant amount of time, is highly administrative and you may still be left undecided. The reality is that couples are ultimately dependent on multiple service providers make their vision a reality for them and it has been said to be an extremely overwhelming task in sourcing, securing and dealing with reputable vendors.

Our sole intention as an online wedding planner is to simplify the planning process for couples and their families. We hope that in doing so, we foster memories that are filled with love and excitement for The Big Day.

We understand the importance of sourcing vendors who meet a couple’s style, budget and values. To ensure we can relay this simply, we have specifically provided couples with the ability to

We also  believe that with the tools available on the Get me Wed couple dashboard, couples can

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